The revolver package implements the statistical model described in Caravagna et al; PMID: 30171232 to determine trajectories of repeated evolution from multi-region sequencing data of human cancers.The package implements functions to process data from large cohorts, and determine different types of phylogenetic trees from the input data of each input patients. The package provides also several functions to plot the data and determine clusters of patients that share repeated evolutionary trajectories; this provides a method to stratify cancer patients for the way their tumour evolve, reconciling tumour heterogeneity both between and within patients.


If you use revolver, please cite:

  • G. Caravagna, Y. Giarratano, D. Ramazzoti, I. Tomlinson, T.A. Graham, G. Sanguinetti, A. Sottoriva. Detecting repeated cancer evolution from multi-region tumor sequencing data. Nature Methods 15, 707–714 (2018).

Help and support


You can install the released version of revolver from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")